We are run by a mostly-woman team (and some amazing men who believe women are the future) & are damn proud about that fact.

There are two women in particular who we are psyched to work with & we’d be doing a disservice to the world if you didn’t know them better. Augusta Daley D’Ambrosio & Alexia (Lexi) Tellez keep this machine moving & grooving throughout the week. We call these women Catalysts as they help those in our community bring ideas to life, questions to actionable solutions, and keep our energy in motion.

As our team is focused on providing an experience that feels as comfortable as it is creative, these women stay inspired and grow through the people they work with here to their own creative companies.

Lexi (left) co-runs her floral studio out of GoodWork – bringing experiences to life through fauna & floral and supporting creatives with expertly designed content with her co-founder, while Augusta (below) is partners in a creative agency that produces events and films along with communities across the world, and is well-known as one of the top pen-welders in our space (she can draw a mean line). 

But what these women do best? Define our everyday — always here to lend a helping hand, an ear to listen, a cup of coffee to talk over, and a high-five ready n’ waiting for your next big moment, Lexi & Augusta are the hearts that drive the enthusiasm that you always deserve to walk into work to.

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