Our Vision for the Future of Work

The work culture shifts to putting people first.
Companies grow in efficiency and impact by evolving their work
culture to prioritize transparency, sustainability, and wellness.

Our Purpose

GoodWork redefines our approach to work life through a focus on community, design and wellness.

Our Values


Let’s shepherd ideas into action for testing, evolution and progress.


To drive a positive evolution of the GoodWork culture, we’re open about our business process and encourage feedback and ideas.


Our unrelenting search for knowledge, truth and self-improvement helps us be better leaders and stretch the limits of our own capabilities.


It’s not just for kids! Play helps reset our focus, gives us creative space for brainstorming, and invites inspiration. Harmless pranks encouraged.


We champion responsible business practices that place equal emphasis on people, planet and profit. It’s possible to do the right thing and thrive as a business in the 21st century!


Physical, mental and emotional health are all interdependent in order for us to thrive in work and life.