Jordan Pohland is never just doing one thing in his work as a Filmographer. His tagline “Capture & Create” speaks volume to his dynamic approach, acting as a catalyst to not only help you capture what you do, but in creating a connection with your customers through who you are and why you do what you do. 

No matter whether he’s behind the camera in filming, the computer screen in editing, or in person brainstorming and collaborating, Jordan is focused on bringing value. Setting the intention first by thinking about the big goals, Jordan works with those around him to be strategic in getting to where they want to go — so that everyone feels accomplished and sure of the end result. 

Jordan doesn’t see any two clients the same way, and designs each project and scope of work with the individual in mind. Fueled by a steady desire to enjoy his work as working to provide inspiration to others, Jordan’s current work spans a playful breadth of B-Rolls, Interviews, Product Shoots, and Events. But no matter the challenge, creating a story sits at the center of his work, and watching the narrative unfold is the only work you have to do. 

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