There are some people, if given the opportunity, you need to know.  Chad Harrigan is one of those people. When you speak with Chad, Co-founder and Life Consultant of L.I.V.E. Now, it is not just a conversation; it’s an experience.  With little to no effort, he touches the inner workings of your brain and soul because of his intentionality with each interaction.

Like all of us, Chad has a story. Although his narrative is still being written, there are portions of the story that stand out as motivating factors.  After suffering the loss of his son a few years ago, Chad utilized therapy as an opportunity to heal. Throughout the process, he decided he wanted to “live” again. His genuine love for people and their well-being is palpable, so it is not a surprise L.I.V.E. Now was birthed to afford others tailor-made growth experiences geared towards targeted development. In an age of “Insta Life Coaches,” he committed himself to being adequately educated with a masters degree in leadership and executive coaching, as well as becoming a certified coach to best serve each client.

L.I.V.E. Now specializes in evidence-based life consulting. A concept conceived when you combine life coaching and consulting. Chad has a very authentic standard set for his clients.  Some of the non-negotiables include: unconditional honesty, intentional awareness, intense accountability and emotional courage. These expectations foster an environment of truth and transparency to overcome the clients’ potential thinking traps, gaps in understanding behaviors and mindful awareness.

One thing that is crystal clear is what motivates him to continue to do this heartfelt work. When asked what keeps him going, since he is so accustomed to offering support to others, he stated with a calm assertion, “My son. I want to be the man I wanted my son to see.”

GoodWork is excited to see Chad leading some very powerful workshops in the space in the near future for people to flourish and grow.  Drop into his first of a series of Emotional Health workshops, Friday, March 22nd from Noon – 1pm in the Garden City Conference Room, for an interactive experience!  If for whatever reason, you’re unable to attend, stop and chit chat with this amazing human when you see him in the space.

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