“It’s simpler than you think,” says Peter Yobo, expert communicator, master speaker & innovation strategist. While many of us may roll our eyes because this statement that seems easy for someone like Yobo to say, this is because Peter began to believe this statement himself when he first started learning to ask “better questions.”

He started to learn what a better question was when he realized he wasn’t getting the information he needed from his clients; in fact, that was mostly because his clients did’t truly know what they needed. So Yobo began exploring answers that most of us are conditioned to give and testing what questions helped take people away from blindly answering. Working as a consultant for so many industries, Peter realized that every single person he came into contact with needed this skill; this isn’t just for creative business owners or consultants, asking better questions is vital for solopreneurs to leaders of massive teams.

“If you are a breathing organism who can speak, a business owner, or anyone who has a client, asking better questions is one of the easiest ways to change your entire practice to improve productivity.” — Peter Yobo.

Swing by GoodWork for coffee with Peter as he speaks about how to ask better questions, Thursday October 11th at 10am.

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