It’s easy to get caught up in the new year hustle and put your #1 (ahem, you) on the back burner. If you work at GoodWork, we know you are one of the hardest workers for the world around you. Your desire to drive impact and progress is unmatchable.  We see you and we thank you.

Now we want to encourage you to do something even more radical:

Put self-care first.

Taking care of yourself means bringing a better you to the table of your community. From good sleep, to mental health, to moving more throughout the day, to simply remembering to consume more than a few snacks and a single cup of water – everything you put in is necessary for greater output.

This month we challenge you to declare a radical self-care goal.

Is it eating three times a day? Walking 20 miles a week? You name it, we are into it!

Submit your name & declaration to – all goals are due by March 15 for the 30 day challenge. We will check in with contestants weekly. The winner who stays dedicated to their self care goal for the full 30 days will win a Self Care Is Radical mug from Society6!

For those wanting to get in the mood but aren’t ready to make the commitment yet, peek at our March Playlist on Spotify!

Take care,
The GoodWork Team

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