If asked to describe how one feels when they are fortunate enough to share time, space and energy with 2 Inspire Peace’s Nikisha Patton Handy, peaceful would certainly be a primary descriptor. Her smile is radiant, but her peaceful and honest spirit is about as pure and refreshing as the best alkaline water.

Niki’s experience as a burnt-out school teacher, challenges within herself and those closely connected to her, motivated the birth of 2 Inspire Peace.  Additionally, her awareness of lack of time spent in areas conducive to her personal healing and emotional/mental growth, prompted a shift from the classroom.

As a graduate of El Centro Community College and the University of North Texas, Niki found her niche in behavior studies and never abandoned it.  Although, she is no longer a full-time educator within the school system, she still educates in a capacity that targets the healing of educators; past and present. Her services and offerings include a plethora of techniques to teachers and students promoting healing of the individual person and familial unit. Niki, however, is not limited to the healing of those connected to education.  You can also find her throughout the community hosting events, leading workshops and sessions relevant to healing and inspiring peace within.

We are so fortunate Niki will be leading a session she often references as, Mindful Movement & Meditation this Wednesday, May 22, 11:00a-11:30a.  She will be targeting being kind to yourself. Niki will guide us into a space where we focus on strengthening the mind, heart chakras,  tapping into our inner child and addressing components that encourage compassion, healing and peace within ourselves.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet or speak with Niki in the space, you don’t know what you are missing.  She may just have a nugget of inspiration that brings peace to your day; certainly an opportunity and gift you don’t want miss out on.

Learn more about 2 Inspire Peace here: https://www.2inspirepeace.com

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