SHEO founder of H.O.P.E. Consulting Services & GoodWork member, Jessica Gauthier, sat down with me the other day to talk leadership. As a decently amateur manager compared to most, I am currently a sponge for everything that can help my team not go insane. I already knew I gaining wisdom from the right person when the first words out of her mouth were to correct me: “leadership and management are not synonymous.”

I clearly wasn’t the first person she’s broken the news to, so she took my stunned silence as a chance to teach further, “managers are those who assign tasks but don’t think about who their people are and how much work it is to think about your people in every decision. This includes the company structure, sometimes your set-in-stone plan can change when you put a new person in place. But it’s when you see how you connect as a team and make accountability go both ways is when you become a leader.”

So clearly I was going to her workshop on Management & Leadership, but as someone who is both in a managing and managed position, I was hesitant that I’d hold a seat. Of course I should of known better. “Understanding leadership includes understanding how to create safe zones for communication, and processes to create these zones,” Jessica said. This isn’t just a talk for those currently in leading positions, it’s just as important for those who are looking to learn how to lead up.

Jessica has experienced a revolving door or poor leadership, and has witnessed its positive potential. As a person who is innately reflective & analytical, her personality has forced her to keep answering the “why’s” when dealing with both sides of the leadership position.

And now she’s bringing the same questions to GoodWork. H.O.P.E. Consulting Services is based in positivity and patience, something clearly gleaned from the values of the Founder herself. The tactics put people’s individuality first. And we at GoodWork are psyched to this kind of wisdom shared with the community.

Drop into her next workshop on Saturday, November 17th, from 10:30am-11:45am, for an interactive conversation! Come get your hands dirty & share your own wisdom with the group + everyone deserves to start their weekend with good coffee & conversation!





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