Recently at Dallas Startup Week 2018,  I connected with Jasmin Brand, a Dallas-based serial entrepreneur, whose titles include CEO – LaunchDFW, Interim Director – Brazen Global, Founder & Director of digital experience agency Darby James, and Founder of Beats By Her, a digital storytelling and live music platform for independent female artists. 
As someone who is laser focused on supporting the future of tech and business innovation in North Texas, Jasmin realizes the power of women to affect this change, and is launching Brazen DFW to support women founders this June. I asked Jasmin to let us hear her story and perspective. 
Amy King: What first attracted you to entrepreneurship and did your family and friends support you in your first ideas?
Jasmin Brand: I come from a family of entrepreneurs and “side hustlers” so it was always expected for us to create some sort of business I think. I always had dreams to have my own businesses but the true catalyst was getting unexpectedly laid off from an executive position. It was then that I started dabbling in some consulting side. I quickly experienced a freedom I hadn’t ever known and knew I could never go back to a 9 to 5. 
A: How has fear shown up for you so far in your career and what have you done to walk through it?
J: Fear is a normal part of the entrepreneurial experience. If you aren’t absolutely terrified every now and then, then you aren’t really pushing yourself to your limits nor are you doing anything innovative. I accept it just like I accept joy, sadness, anxiety and the other feelings you have on daily basis when you start your own business. Embrace it but know that it won’t last forever. 
A: What do you see as the biggest thing holding women back from starting their own business?
J: Worrying about what others think of them. Thinking they aren’t good enough. 
A: Tell us about your plans for Brazen DFW.
J: Texas leads the country in the amount of women-owned businesses forming every year. But it’s my hope with Brazen, that we aren’t just creating businesses, but we’re building the types of companies that leave lasting legacies and create new jobs and generational wealth for women. In order to help other female entrepreneurs, we must first help ourselves. Brazen is that much needed network and business-first resources that DFW women have needed for quite some time 
A: If you had a million dollars to invest in the DFW Startup community, how would you use it?
J: I would strategically invest in companies that also invest in our region’s entrepreneurs. And because I believe so strongly in the power of female-led startups, I would set up a fund to take many of these women entrepreneurs and their visions to the next level with a much needed injection of capital. #womensupportingwomen 
Would love to see everyone at the Brazen Official Dallas Launch Party on 6/5. RSVP Here. 
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