You’ve got good energy.

And we just happen to be exploring all the ways good energy can help us make more of a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet through our work. Here at GoodWork, Dallas, Texas, USA, Planet Earth, we’re starting with a small step – some kindness and a workspace with 454 solar panels.

A few years ago, before GoodWork opened the doors of the rehabilitated 1950s building, we were busy building a new kind of coworking company. One that promotes the triple bottom line approach to business – placing equal emphasis on people, planet and profit.

But where does kindness come in?

Good energy isn’t just about using the power of the sun, it starts with human kindness. So if you start with yourself, your good energy will illuminate everything you touch, and affect your work in a positive way.

Here are some ways that you can perpetuate kindness throughout your day:

Practice self-care without leaving the office. Take five minutes to enjoy some natural light inside or outside your building, which supports your mental and physical health. Our members like to take a walking meeting around the space, or outside in nature.

By finding ways to be kinder to yourself, you’ll begin to notice all the ways your kindness can spread to others and the planet.

This May marks 600 days of solar energy at our coworking space, thanks to a solar array provided through Downwinders at Risk’s Sue Pope Fund and a partnership with Sunfinity Renewable Energy.

GoodWork and our partners have been bringing kindness to our community by taking care of our people through better air quality, eliminating 14,000 cars’ worth of emissions, and encouraging the use of natural light and connection to nature for mental and physical health.

This year we’re looking to hear from others, exploring ways this kindness can spread in our personal and business networks, and grow good, positive energy across the globe.

Want to play? For those who work out of solar powered offices, download our sunshine badge to showcase your good energy on your company website.

Know of a person or business with good energy who you’d love to nominate for a spotlight on our social media? Share with us now! (Both badge and nomination form are at the bottom of this page – click here.)

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