If the word “zeal” was a person, it’d be this woman. “Fervor, endeavor, enthusiastic diligence” – when I read this definition, I was surprised to find the word zeal as the word described, and not Augusta D’Ambrosio.

If you have spent more than 3 seconds with Augusta, you understand why she was the first person to be nominated for the ‘Hey There Sunshine’ kindness campaign & why we need to spend an entire week talking about how far her kindness reaches.

Thoughtfulness is sewn into Augusta’s hands: she’s one of those humans who can tell how you’re truly feeling even when you say “I’m fine” and makes sure there is a hand-written note or elegantly crafted illustration at your desk by the end of the day making sure you fit a smile into a stressful schedule. From her attention to detail to her emphasis on positive communication, there’s a reason Augusta is Chief Culture Officer at the creative agency Sherwood Fellows that she owns with her husband and brother-in-law.

Sherwood Fellows stands apart from other agencies through their unique focus on cultivating tribes.
The work of Sherwood Fellows is one of invitation: into deeper understanding of self and how to connect those inner values to the mission of your work. Then, inviting others into that mission. Everything Sherwood Fellows produces is an outward flow of the inner life to reach other human hearts somehow; either through a beautiful and more accurate brand identity, creating an event experience, making a video that personifies your mission, or maybe just a spiffy new website. Augusta is leading the charge in helping their ever-growing team stay focused, inspired, and connected themselves while they continue to do good work for so many great leaders and their organizations.

As an Illustrator, Catalyst, Culture Officer, Augusta isn’t afraid of letting her creativity shine as bright as the Texas sun. She’s a woman with good energy like solar. And most of all, she’s not afraid to let her enthusiasm and curiosity be contagious.

Need a delectably crafted children’s book? What about a communication strategy? Looking to connect with a community or better learn how you can showcase your own creativity? How about some damn good inspiration to keep you going while you fight to stay focused while balancing the stress of doing good? We know just the person who you should talk to: say hello to Augusta.

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