June 27, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Hey there, sunshine! Meet Augusta D’ambrosio.

If the word “zeal” was a person, it’d be this woman. “Fervor, endeavor, enthusiastic diligence” – when I read this definition, I was surprised to find the word zeal
May 20, 2019 Jessica Gauthier

Mindfulness & Meditation: Be Kinder To Yourself w/ Nikisha Patton Handy

If asked to describe how one feels when they are fortunate enough to share time, space and energy with 2 Inspire Peace’s Nikisha Patton Handy, peaceful would certainly be a primary descriptor. Her s
April 29, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Hey there sunshine.

You’ve got good energy. And we just happen to be exploring all the ways good energy can help us make more of a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet through our work. Here at Go
April 25, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Snake Wrangler, High Ropes Guru & Now Our Latest UnStick Facilitator: Meet Susana Cruz

As a benefit to members, GoodWork offers the monthly ‘Unstick’ sessions, gathering fellow members to work through each other’s sticking points in work, using the power of the group&#
April 19, 2019 Chelsea Miller

We’re okay with not being cool, as long as we’re healthy.

I had a reminder of just how underestimated coworking spaces really are when a member’s client was walking out of the building yesterday and asked her about her office: “so this is like Go
April 15, 2019 GoodWork Team

Eating Healthy No Longer Means Breaking the Bank

Meet Cooking4Cost, our latest great Dallas Kitchen Pop-Up coming to GoodWork. A local business that cares about saving the Community money – aka, an entrepreneur’s favorite phrase. With so
March 27, 2019 Chelsea Miller

How the Standing Desk Doesn’t Count as a Fitness Class & other Thoughts on Being “Well”

Despite the title, I love standing desks. From being too tall for most things (especially as a woman topping out at six feet even) to battling a nerve injury from two years ago that leaves me restless
March 12, 2019 Augusta D'Ambrosio

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face in 2019? Self care.

Aloha! It’s easy to get caught up in the new year hustle and put your #1 (ahem, you) on the back burner. If you work at GoodWork, we know you are one of the hardest workers for the world around