September 19, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Your Good Morning Briefing: It’s NTX Giving Day!

There’s a lot of tough stuff happening out there. Let’s get re-centered on what’s good + why we’re here. Texas does a lot of things big. And giving to impactful organizations i
September 18, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Your Good Morning Briefing

There’s a lot of tough stuff happening out there. Let’s get re-centered on what’s GOOD + why we’re here. Note: Welcome to the first “Good Morning Briefing.” While i
June 27, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Hey there, sunshine! Meet Augusta D’ambrosio.

If the word “zeal” was a person, it’d be this woman. “Fervor, endeavor, enthusiastic diligence” – when I read this definition, I was surprised to find the word zeal
May 20, 2019 Jessica Gauthier

Mindfulness & Meditation: Be Kinder To Yourself w/ Nikisha Patton Handy

If asked to describe how one feels when they are fortunate enough to share time, space and energy with 2 Inspire Peace’s Nikisha Patton Handy, peaceful would certainly be a primary descriptor. Her s
April 29, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Hey there sunshine.

You’ve got good energy. And we just happen to be exploring all the ways good energy can help us make more of a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet through our work. Here at Go
April 25, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Snake Wrangler, High Ropes Guru & Now Our Latest UnStick Facilitator: Meet Susana Cruz

As a benefit to members, GoodWork offers the monthly ‘Unstick’ sessions, gathering fellow members to work through each other’s sticking points in work, using the power of the group&#
April 19, 2019 Chelsea Miller

We’re okay with not being cool, as long as we’re healthy.

I had a reminder of just how underestimated coworking spaces really are when a member’s client was walking out of the building yesterday and asked her about her office: “so this is like Go
April 15, 2019 GoodWork Team

Eating Healthy No Longer Means Breaking the Bank

Meet Cooking4Cost, our latest great Dallas Kitchen Pop-Up coming to GoodWork. A local business that cares about saving the Community money – aka, an entrepreneur’s favorite phrase. With so