October 16, 2018 Chelsea Miller

Women for Wellness

When we created a platform where women can thrive in Dallas, as business owners to creatives, we never could have imagined the outcome we have today. With over 60% of those in our space being women in
October 10, 2018 Chelsea Miller

Peter Yobo Talks Questions & How to Ask Better

“It’s simpler than you think,” says Peter Yobo, expert communicator, master speaker & innovation strategist. While many of us may roll our eyes because this statement that seems
May 25, 2018 Chelsea Miller

Align First. Hustle Second.

We spent some time this week with Devin Butler, who within days of starting as a GoodWork Member was plotting to bring a new program to life, Align Summer Series. Devin shared with us the concepts beh
May 1, 2018 Amy King


Recently at Dallas Startup Week 2018,  I connected with Jasmin Brand, a Dallas-based serial entrepreneur, whose titles include CEO – LaunchDFW, Interim Director – Brazen Global, Founder &
April 2, 2018 Torre Capistran

The Stuff They Never Tell You: Episode #1 with Hooked On Code’s SHEO

Going on year five of a thriving business working with clients across the country and empowering women around me, there are some things that  I’ve noticed most my fellow entrepreneurs hate thin
March 22, 2018 Chelsea Miller

Scarfing or digesting? How your stomach may be at the root of your brain fog.

Kirsten Joy Burch has been helping GoodWork members thrive & grow as we learn how to manage the stress and intensities of launching, growing, and furthering companies and communities across Dallas
December 11, 2017 Chelsea Miller

Taking Charge of Letting Go

Our latest Member to join is Torre Capistran, a SHEO who is dedicated to helping women create lives full of passion and self-sustainment through coding, recently mentioned her focus on cultivating an
November 22, 2017 Chelsea Miller

Don’t Combust, Ask for Help

What do, “It’s all about giving” and “I am swimming in stress” have in common? The answer is the holidays! This time of year tends to be all about carrying on with life, while adding the liv