April 25, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Snake Wrangler, High Ropes Course Guru, Education Bad Ass & Now Our Latest UnStick Facilitator: Meet Susana Cruz

Next week, our Unstick Session will be tackling the question “What’s In Your Tool Box?” We are looking to our colleagues and coworkers to go beyond conventional thinking and look at
April 19, 2019 Chelsea Miller

We’re okay with not being cool, as long as we’re healthy.

I had a reminder of just how underestimated coworking spaces really are when a member’s client was walking out of the building yesterday and asked her about her office: “so this is like Go
April 15, 2019 GoodWork Team

Eating Healthy No Longer Means Breaking the Bank

Meet Cooking4Cost, our latest great Dallas Kitchen Pop-Up coming to GoodWork. A local business that cares about saving the Community money – aka, an entrepreneur’s favorite phrase. With so
March 27, 2019 Chelsea Miller

How the Standing Desk Doesn’t Count as a Fitness Class & other Thoughts on Being “Well”

Despite the title, I love standing desks. From being too tall for most things (especially as a woman topping out at six feet even) to battling a nerve injury from two years ago that leaves me restless
March 12, 2019 Augusta D'Ambrosio

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face in 2019? Self care.

Aloha! It’s easy to get caught up in the new year hustle and put your #1 (ahem, you) on the back burner. If you work at GoodWork, we know you are one of the hardest workers for the world around
March 11, 2019 Jessica Gauthier

Seeing Healing as an Opportunity: Meet Chad Harrigan of L.I.V.E. Now

There are some people, if given the opportunity, you need to know.  Chad Harrigan is one of those people. When you speak with Chad, Co-founder and Life Consultant of L.I.V.E. Now, it is not just a co
March 8, 2019 Amy King

You Can Quote Me On That

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a fan of quotes for a quick hit of inspiration. When I worked in advertising in the late 90s, one of my favorite campaigns was Apple’s Think Different series,
March 4, 2019 Chelsea Miller

Designer of Everything Planet Positive Joins the GoodWork Team!

Saving fabric scraps from going into the trash for a drag queen’s music video dress? Yes, please. Repurposing felt to become a mural that doesn’t off gas? Most definitely. Run production v