Tommy Dotti of GoodWings US, global social enterprise

Back in May 2018, GoodWork Co-Founder Amy King met Goodwings CEO Christian Moller-Holst at the Conscious Company Leaders Forum and they knew right away that they needed to connect their communities in the mutual goal of triple bottom line business as a force for global change.

Months later, Christian and his team decided to deploy their adventure-ready colleague Tommy Dotti to live and work out of GoodWork’s flagship space in Dallas for the winter. From Dallas, he can leverage both the connective coworking community focused on inclusive social enterprise, and the desirable Central Time Zone that allows him to connect with their partners and clients from Argentina all the way to Copenhagen. The company is focusing on their future expansion to North America.

Goodwings in Dallas, TX

Tommy arrived in Dallas just in time to experience the buzz of American mid-term elections. And has jumped in with both feet. He’s living in an industrial loft at 1808 S Good Latimer, using the scooters, GoodWork bikes and public transport to keep his carbon footprint down. He shared that he loves to be outdoors playing soccer, cruising on his bike (he thanks Richard from GoodWork/Bike Friendly Cedars for helping him get all set-up), or just walking around Dallas. He believes that the best way to get to know any city is on foot – one coffee shop at the time.

Tommy’s take on Dallas so far is that “Dallas is quite an underrated city. It literally has everything. From Picasso’s art, to outdoor yoga at Klyde Warren Park, to some of the best hot wings I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait to experience everything in between.”

How Goodwings is changing the world

Goodwings is a global hotel booking platform whose mission is to turn the hotel industry into a driving force for sustainable change. They have a strong focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Goodwings business model is easy for both corporations, regional businesses and NGOs to join. For every booking, they send half of their commission to projects that benefit humans and the environment throughout their vetted NGO partners. Every year, mainstream hotel and travel portals spend millions on marketing, including television commercials and web advertising. Instead, their message is spread by their NGO partners who benefit from the Goodwings hotel bookings.

Global going local

While in Dallas, Tommy is looking to meet CSR leaders from DFW corporations, non-profit leaders who would be interested in exploring a partnership and anyone who is passionate about travel, social enterprise and addressing our global challenges around climate change and sustainability. Or if you just want to introduce him to a cool spot for eat, drink or adventure, that’s equally great!

You can find Tommy most days at GoodWork at his dedicated desk, or to connect with him online, check out his LinkedIn profile, or Website.

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  1. Welcome to Dallas, Tommy! Check out 1 Million Cups Dallas. We would love for you to share your story with us!

  2. Welcome to dallas tommy! The cozy balcony club is a great place for open mic jazz–on monday nights of all times!

  3. Tommy,
    I’ve loved GETTING to know you and i will miss your smiling face when you leave. most of all im so happy you let me adopt you WHILE you are in Dallas and hope that we see more of you.

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