We are honored to cowork alongside some incredible organizations that are not only doing vital work for the Dallas community, but are encouraging their city to put impact first this holiday season. #GivingTuesday is a spark of hope amongst a series of days post Thanksgiving that tends to be thoroughly consumer based, but as these organizations aim to change, the holidays can truly be people focused if you set your hearts towards supporting the right kinds of organizations.

There is a major theme at GoodWork this year for Giving Tuesday: supporting the growth of our community’s future, kids. Building kids from the ground up, organizations like the soon-to-be-launching Prestonwood School in South Dallas, to educational mavens at ReBirth YouthBuild & the ignitors of empowerment for character and community at Youth Revive Inc, are all participating in this incredible holiday season day of giving.

As a coworking space, we not only get to enjoy watching the incredible transformations these organizations are cultivating within the community, we also get to see the day-to-day sweat & tears that these organizations’ leaders are pouring into their work to prove their authenticity and success. We get to be inspired by Prestonwood’s leaders Dr Shailendra Thomas & Whitney Daniels as they help Dallas to understand the importance of early childhood education has on the foundation of every child’s life, and further ensuring that all parts of Dallas are more equitably supported through education. Leaders like Terri Altman, the heart and soul behind ReBirth YouthBuild, sit on the other side of the education timeline as she supports high school graduation and functional job training for the many who struggle to accomplish their final years of education. And heroes like Adrian McConnel & Noah Metzger lead the charge for Youth Revive Inc, empowering teenagers to cultivate themselves and community and believing that changing the character of an individual can have deep socioeconomic effect on the world around them.

Together these leaders inspire their own organizations and those at GoodWork as they encourage us to think about the importance of education, not just for the individual but for the entire community’s sake. This year on Giving Tuesday, we are honored to support those who are cultivating the foundation of our community by supporting those who are our future and our legacy. Thank you all for your hard work & here is to another year of the vital work you all do.

To support these incredible organizations, see the links above. For anyone who supports one of these fantastic organizations (yes, clearly we are biased – can you blame us?), ¬†GoodWork would like to offer you a free day of coworking in thanks of your aid to the incredible youth-building community (bring a screen shot of your support confirmation for “payment” of your day at GoodWork). Happy Giving Tuesday!

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