The tour was great but just seeing it isn't quite enough. How could I spend a few hours there?

Great news! You can spend the whole day if you want! We are open from 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday. Please let us know when you would like to schedule time with us by contacting us at [email protected]

We also offer Week Trial passes for $50 (use it for cowering, fitness classes, and all of our events) or our 10-Day-Co-Connect Pass that gets you in any ten days you want. Whether you’re a coffee shop/coworking space nomad or a world-wanderer, our passes never expire so you can use the days when you’re ready.

I am in search of the perfect office and I can't quite decide from just looking at your website, can I come in and see the space?

We would love to give you a tour! Tuesday’s and Friday’s are our days we tend to do this, if these happen to be the only two days you are not free, please email our Manager at and we will try to accommodate your schedule. Please understand we have a small staff and we may not always be able to schedule a tour within short notice.

Should I wait until the 1st to join?

Great news! There is no need to wait. We do the math for you and pro-rate you for the remainder of the month, when you first sign-up. Our Catalysts will set a personal appointment to walk you through your first steps, too! So what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

Do you have special rates for students, educators or non-profits?

Yes we offer an affordable pass for students and educators that provide access after class (or before, depending on your schedule) and on the weekends. Our late night access allows you to keep your work out of your kitchen with greater focus, while keeping you connected to your community and peers–all for just $65 per month!


For non-profits, we would love to create a contract for you and your entire team that could fit your needs. Please fill out our NFP Membership Form here and we will get back to you within 24 hours. For our general pricing, please see either our Membership page, or click here to sign up immediately.

I love your space and would love to hold an event or party there. How can I do this?

Hoping to help everyone succeed in their endeavors, we provide individual proposals! Our prices range from $75-$300 per hour, dependent on the status of the organization, size of the company, and need of multiple areas throughout the space.

Booking an event will require you to fill out our event survey. A staff member will get back to you within 48 hours on a personalized quote. 

Please note that our space is focused on supporting environmentally-friendly practices, so we will be encouraging you to think about the waste you can prevent through proper planning prior to your event.

For further questions, please email [email protected] (please note in the subject line that you are asking about an event).

Can I book a meeting room if I’m not a Member?

Yes, we would love for you to do this! For groups of 12 or less please see the following; for groups greater than 12, please see the following answer.

Booking a meeting can easily be done by visiting the “Reserve a Room” page. Images of each room are coming soon, descriptions and sizes are currently available. A tour can be requested at any time to check out the space in-person.

What is a Desk Pod and how can I get one?

Desk pods are great for short term collaborations. Have a creative team that needs a joint space for a month or so, but you aren’t looking for an office commitment? Work in groups of 2-4 with mid-height privacy dividers that keep written ideas and images private to the public eye, while still feeling close to the free range working community.

Pods can be added onto current monthly memberships with other members, new members can easily be integrated temporarily, as well!

I’m balancing work and kids, what are parameters around bringing kids?

All children ages 7 and younger must stay within close proximity to their adult companion. Ages 8 and older may use our kid-friendly zones, but must observe basic and appropriate social behavior. Alternatively, children ages 8 and older may use Member’s available conference room hours for the children to have a private space. More under Community Agreements.

I talk on the phone a lot - will that be disruptive?

Sounds like business is booming! Our phone booths come in different sizes dependent on your call needs. If you have a call longer than four hours, please book a conference room. For those who have a headset on all day, we would love to show you our office options!