Meet Cooking4Cost, our latest great Dallas Kitchen Pop-Up coming to GoodWork. A local business that cares about saving the Community money – aka, an entrepreneur’s favorite phrase. With so many diets and food crazes going on these days, C4C focuses in on plant-based + gluten-free meals to help meet as many people’s needs as possible. They believe that the kind of meals many think have to be over-the-top to taste good, can be made from simple, everyday ingredients.

“We aim to break the stigma that living a plant-based lifestyle is something that is hard, unattainable, and costly – something that only folks with a higher Socio-Economic standing can attain. We want to show that Cooking Costs Money, but it doesn’t have to break the Bank!” – Owner + Operator, Michaela & Chef David (check out their stories!).

Meet the team!

Owner + Operator:
(Photo in header) My name is Michaela, and I am passionate about FOOD + KNOWLEDGE – you could say that I’m a Foodie, a Culinarian, a Food Junkie, but I prefer to leave all of the labels alone. I love to provide people with a wonderful plate of Food that is not only aesthetically pleasing & tasty, but comes with a story – I for one love a good story, I don’t know about you. I grew up in the Kitchen, and I have always been naturally curious. I feel as if this curiosity was honed and shaped beginning at the ripe young age of 8 when my Mother began to allow me to help prepare the meals for our family. First, she put me on dish duty of course, and I graciously accepted this new challenge. I quickly graduated to standing by her side as she taught me to chop the Onions that made me cry, measure and cook enough Pasta for our large family, and how to delicately place food into the frying pan so that I wouldn’t get burned by the hot grease. I immediately fell in love with not only the food preparation, but the whole experience – creating a meal from a few simple ingredients, creating a space for family members to talk & fellowship, and simply creating lasting memories + experiences.

The Chef:
My name is Andrew, but most people know me as Drew or “Chef Drew”. I was born and raised in the DFW area, and my LOVE for food is something that was instilled within me from a very young age. My Grandfather owned + operated a Catering company when I was a young boy, and I have fond memories of helping him setup, break down, and sell food at different venues all over the Metroplex over the years – it was a family affair. In my career as a Chef, I have worked with various restaurants all over DFW that have helped me to hone and channel my skills. Bolsa in The Bishop Arts District & Mudhen Meat & Greens in The Dallas Farmer’s Market are two places that challenged me artistically and really allowed me the chance develop my skills in all avenues, specifically Healthy, Locally Sourced, Plant-Based Cuisine made from whole foods. I would have to say that my true passion lies in the cultivation of the experience surrounding the Food that I create.

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