Dumpster Diving to Save The Planet (By Recycling)

Anyone who walks into GoodWork can immediately feel that it’s a different kind of coworking space. From the outside it blends in with the rest of the warehouse buildings in The Cedars neighborhood. But once you walk in, you’re hit with a wave of “Wow, this is not what I was expecting.” You’ll notice lots of indoor plants (94 to be exact), fresh local coffee, a beautifully designed interior with funky fresh furniture, and you’ll be met by one of our Community Catalysts.

What you might not immediately notice, however, is all of the behind-the-scenes work our team puts into our environmental pillar of our business. Especially on recycling.

How we take care of the planet

How are we pushing for a community that shines in its focus on caring about the planet? We emphasize conscious purchasing of environmentally-safe cleaning products. Our members are treated to high quality organic snacks or access to sustainability-focused food trucks. We’re encouraging members to recycle with an abundance of recycle bins and signage on how to be more environmentally conscious.

Two of our most unsung heroes are Richard Freedman and Mary Fehler, our cleaning crew and recycling specialists.

Richard and Mary, Recycling Gurus

Richard and Mary, Recycling Gurus

This dynamic duo is so dedicated to helping GoodWork achieve its pie-in-the-sky recycling initiatives, that they dumpster dive twice a week in the GoodWork trash bins to sort out the recycling. Richard and Mary have even taken the extra step of partnering with the local recycling plant to get more education on the best ways to recycle. Talk about amazing!

What Richard and Mary have learned over the years is that communities in Dallas have the resources to recycle, but don’t use them. “It’s startling and even overwhelming how many people just don’t know how to recycle,” says Mary.

That’s why, at GoodWork, we’ve strived to make it as easy as possible to recycle, and learn how to grow your knowledge. So many of our members are incredible forces of nature when it comes to living an environmentally conscious life (Shout out to Soap Hope, Downwinders at Risk, and more!), and have chosen to work at GoodWork because of our aligning values. But we can always do more.

Check out some of these Simple Recycling Tactics to grow the way you recycle.

Together we can save the planet!

  1. Used paper products are not recyclable.
    Throw those used paper towels + pizza boxes away! (Don’t worry, they compost easily in the landfill)
  2. Rinsing your plastics & bottles helps them not contaminate the rest of the bin. Once recyclable paper products have been contaminated with liquids or food, they are no longer recyclable (see above).
  3. Styrofoam is never ever recyclable (and it’s toxic and takes over 50 years to decompose in a landfill. Womp womp).
    If you can, ask your local food vendor to provide a non-styrofoam takeaway option!
  4. Put your recycling straight in the bin (not in a plastic bag!).
    Recycling plants generally throw away recyclable items that are in plastic bags.
  5. You can’t recycle small plastic caps, straws, or shredded/torn paper by themselves. (It falls through the cracks of the recycling plants’ machines). How CAN you recycle them? Put all of the plastic small items in a larger seal-able plastic item or all of the small paper items in a paper bag (stapled shut), and recycle that way!




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