Saving fabric scraps from going into the trash for a drag queen’s music video dress? Yes, please. Repurposing felt to become a mural that doesn’t off gas? Most definitely. Run production video assistance for one of the world’s leading circular systems designers? Will do! Emily Ramirez is a multi-preneur that is here to get creative in protecting the environment and helping people achieve their design goals.

“Design is hard. Sometimes you execute what’s in your head and it’s no where close to what you thought it was going to be. This is the fun part. What directions can you move the puzzle piece to make it fit? More importantly, is the way you’re making it fit best for the bigger picture? I think the best part of creativity comes when you’re using natural boundaries, like protecting the planet, to create something as big as you can. That’s what I love about GoodWork, we’re working within the confines of a building, what products exist, and humans who experience human error. But what can be created despite all of this? How can we do something that’s good for the world around us, because that’s really taking care of ourselves. ” – E. Ramirez.

Emily recently joined the GoodWork as a Catalyst, leading interior design shifts across the building, managing events, and running the day-to-day at the front desk. A recent transplant from L.A. where she worked with influencers to drag queens sewing custom designs from salvaged fabric or repurposing pieces that would have otherwise been thrown, Emily launched her focus for the planet in the world of fashion. “Fabric is more durable than people think, and we need to remember that we can get creative so we can use it to its fullest extent as we attempt to keep thousands more pounds of fabric from being added to waste piles.”

Welcome Emily! We’re excited to have another amazing sustainably focused creative & entrepreneur added to the Dallas start up scene, and especially to GoodWork!

You can book Emily for private work at her website:

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