Mindfulness & Meditation: Be Kinder To Yourself w/ Nikisha Patton Handy

If asked to describe how one feels when they are fortunate enough to share time, space and energy with 2 Inspire Peace’s Nikisha Patton Handy, peaceful would certainly be a primary descriptor. Her smile is radiant, but her peaceful and honest spirit is about as pure and refreshing as the best alkaline water. Niki’s experience […]

We’re okay with not being cool, as long as we’re healthy.

I had a reminder of just how underestimated coworking spaces really are when a member’s client was walking out of the building yesterday and asked her about her office: “so this is like Google or Apple – a cool place to work that’s ‘good’ for you (insert air quotes here).” As a coworking space, people […]

Eating Healthy No Longer Means Breaking the Bank

Meet Cooking4Cost, our latest great Dallas Kitchen Pop-Up coming to GoodWork. A local business that cares about saving the Community money – aka, an entrepreneur’s favorite phrase. With so many diets and food crazes going on these days, C4C focuses in on plant-based + gluten-free meals to help meet as many people’s needs as possible. […]

Seeing Healing as an Opportunity: Meet Chad Harrigan of L.I.V.E. Now

There are some people, if given the opportunity, you need to know.  Chad Harrigan is one of those people. When you speak with Chad, Co-founder and Life Consultant of L.I.V.E. Now, it is not just a conversation; it’s an experience.  With little to no effort, he touches the inner workings of your brain and soul […]

Women for Wellness

When we created a platform where women can thrive in Dallas, as business owners to creatives, we never could have imagined the outcome we have today. With over 60% of those in our space being women in leading roles or running organizations. Even better, so many of these women have one amazing value in common: […]

Scarfing or digesting? How your stomach may be at the root of your brain fog.

Kirsten Joy Burch has been helping GoodWork members thrive & grow as we learn how to manage the stress and intensities of launching, growing, and furthering companies and communities across Dallas and the world. From nutritional health to physical movement, Kirsten has been helping members see that health is not something to be achieved fast, […]