We spent some time this week with Devin Butler, who within days of starting as a GoodWork Member was plotting to bring a new program to life, Align Summer Series. Devin shared with us the concepts behind this big idea,

“I have two problems with how life works right now:

1.Most people believe that there must be a hierarchy of how we split our time between what we love, like our individual self, spiritual life, work life, or other passion. We all prioritize them differently, then later in life, we regret that we’ve spent too much time on one thing over another. We need to gain some alignment & be seeking balance.

2. We don’t give ourselves enough permission to have fun, to allow for serendipitous moments, or grow our community. But we’re here now in a collaborative community of grown adults that can meet new collaborators, enjoy a playful piece of technology or get moving through fitness.”

Butler is partnering with Silent Revolution – a creative production & tech company – to bring her Align event concepts to life, to give us breathing room for those neglected areas of our lives, letting human connections, movement and fun blend together in new ways.

Devin believes that forming personal connections with others, and ultimately growing your community, is just as much a part of creating a healthy lifestyle as eating a piece of broccoli or getting into that new fitness habit. “Silent Revolution’s products bring people out of their shell into an experience that is almost silly. Laughing is one of the greatest things we can do for our health. This series was created so people could fit joy into their calendar.”

Align Series Schedule:

Silent Disco Networking, May 31st 7-9pm

Summer Solstice Silent Disco Yoga with Veleisa Patton Burrell (Teacher @ Black Swan Yoga Dallas) & Special Sponsors, June 21, 7-10pm

Silent Disco  with Special Instructor, July 26, 7-9pm


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