Introducing Frederick “Speedy” Taylor (1856 – 1917)

I recently geeked out on Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace by Nikil Saval, and learned a whole lot about Speedy Taylor. This gentleman invented the concept of scientific management, coined ‘Taylorism,’ where the office became the object of systemization.  

His obsession both created a need for a larger white collar office bench and singlehandedly denied the worker’s ability to develop and maintain their own individual work styles. Over time, work became more specialized, ridden with drudgery, and then spawned the scientific Office Management field. In this discipline, workers’ behaviors and walking patterns were scrutinized to shave time off every movement, from the walk to the bathroom, to the placement of paperwork.

Today, a hundred years after Speedy’s demise, we have an opportunity to truly take back our individuality at work and it goes beyond just choosing where we work. How are you defining work on your own terms?

Want to know more about how we went from Scrooge’s office, to Office Space, to the Cubicle Revolution?

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