Born and raised in Costa Rica, Mauricio’s creative leanings began at an early age surrounded by an artistic family. From architects to painters, he grew up in an environment of constant inspiration. With over 15 years as a designer, Mauricio can tailor a solution to your unique vision.

Mauricio has produced multiple award-winning identity and print projects. He has worked brands like B’temptd by Wacoal, Gap, DC Shoes, Nike, Nice Kicks, LostType Co-Op., United Way and Petrolicious among others. His other creative pursuits range from apparel, shoe and furniture design, to environmental design and painting. Mauricio was founding partner in Launchpad Creative in Oklahoma City and later, offices in Austin,Texas. He was also founding partner in DUEL Purpose Marketing in Austin. He was Senior Design Director for Funnel Design Group in Oklahoma City and most recently, Vice President of Creative Services at Ackerman McQueen in Dallas, Texas.

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