Our latest Member to join is Torre Capistran, a SHEO who is dedicated to helping women create lives full of passion and self-sustainment through coding, recently mentioned her focus on cultivating an unexpected virtue amidst a male-dominated industry. We were lucky enough to sit down with her last week and talk about this month’s theme of “taking charge” and how it doesn’t always mean being the one who has ultimate control or taking on the macho personality of a linebacker.

“I’ve never had trouble taking charge… but I do have trouble taking charge with grace. I think I inherited my freight-train like motivation from three generations of bossy and bullheaded matriarchs. This trait has led me to success in many things, because I never stop. I literally never give up, and I nearly always get what I want. However, I have learned in recent years that there is a downside to taking charge with the force and focus I have applied thus far in life and business. Instead, I have had to learn how to incorporate openness and vulnerability into my forward movements, in a way that is much more considerate of others.

Control is something I personally crave (I have two children, so it’s not really ‘a thing’ anymore), and it creates a feeling of safety I relish. But allowing things to happen around me while I move forward, adapting my course if necessary, has become so much more effective for my business and beneficial to those around me. Taking charge with tunnel vision, set on linear path, isn’t something I can recommend. The more altruism and grace applied to leadership, the more benefit there is for everyone.”

Torre is the owner and lead creator a Hooked On Code, a website agency specializing in WordPress website for small and medium sized businesses.

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