Looking to make your lifestyle apply to more than just your home life?
From cycling executives, to freelance parents, to educators looking to grow outside
of the classroom, our 24/7 memberships allow every individual to sculpt their work
to their life with with a variety of environments that are as flexible as they are fun.
- Enjoy your first month with $100 off any of our 24/7 Memberships -

Week Pass

$50, Per Week
Selecting a coworking space means spending some time there, getting to know the people, and finding what inspires you productivity. GoodWork Preview Passes are just the solution for digital nomads who surf coffee shops or work at home, employees of Dallas-based companies with flexible work arrangements or business travelers needing a place to land.

+ Access Monday – Friday,
+ 2 Hours of Conference
Rooms, Per Day
+ Open access to phone booths, collaboration lounges, and fast-chat meeting rooms

Educators Pass

$65, Per Month
Are you an educator needing a community to help you grow outside of the classroom; or a place to help you keep your work from consuming your kitchen table? Available during the times that you can use them outside of the classroom, our Educators Pass aims at empowering those who empower our future generations.

+ Access during nights and weekends
+ Lockers available at a first-come basis
+ 16 Conference Room Hours, Per Month
+ Special Educators discount at the building cafe, Recess

Executive Escape

$500, Per Month
A place for corporate executives to escape the daily routine of their office, do focused work and be immersed in the startup community; with opportunities for brainstorming sessions around every corner, access to facilitators and design-thinkers to help facilitate growth, and guest passes to incentivize high-performing employees.

+ 24/7 access
+ One dedicated locker
+ Six guest passes, per month
+ 24 reserved conference room hours per month; hours can be traded for large rentals.
+ One reserved parking space, plus free unreserved parking for guests and clients