August 7, 2017 Amy King

A Desk to Call My Own

As a Gen X’er who has had successful careers in multiple industries and cities, survived years of freelancing and navigating self-inflicted change, I must admit that structure and routine can be my
June 27, 2017 GoodWork Team

GoodWork Joins South Dallas Biz Leaders

Last week, Co-Founder Amy King sat on the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Southern Dallas Task Force & Innovation Meeting. “The question, ‘If capitalism could be reconfigured to allow
May 12, 2017 Chelsea Miller

Making Work Work for You

by Chelsea Miller, Catalyst Every decision we make is because of a past experience, a physical feeling or an emotion. In fact, our emotions make the most of our decisions. If I’m feeling stressed or
May 4, 2017 GoodWork Team

Changing the Pigeon’s Brand

An Interview with Designer Mauricio Cremer When the team first discovered the warehouse at 1808 S Good Latimer, they found dozens of pigeons nestled in the rafters. Whether on accident or perfectly ma
May 2, 2017 Amy King

Five Things for Entrepreneurs to Mind for Work Sustainability

by: Amy King, Co-Founder It’s a total cliché, but the day I turned 40, I had to start stepping up my game in self-care. I’d always put my career before everything and didn’t even realize that I