What could you achieve if your workplace supported your productivity, well-being and growth?

We’re designing that place for you.


GoodWork is flexible coworking
designed for you to get good work done,
while still enjoying the benefits of serendipitous
connections and community.


Looking to transition, find how you work best, or cultivate your latest idea? Your imagination will be inspired while you tinker in the fab-lab or enjoy spontaneous collaboration in our collaboration spaces, including shaded courtyards and a playful cafe. We believe that choosing your own adventure helps you create the optimal environment for productivity and inspiration.


Looking to make your lifestyle a style applied to your entire life, not just at home? From cycling executives, to freelance parents, to health-obsessed bloggers, to educators looking to expand their networks and grow their own education, our 24/7 memberships allow every individual to sculpt their work to their life with a variety of environments that are as flexible as they are fun.


Ready to turn your idea into action? An array of zones allows you to move while your concentration varies, while our fitness classes help you look at productivity as more than just a mental effort. With the fab-lab just around the corner, the ability to test and analyze concepts in a variety of visual ways helps you create a 360 perspective to ensure you’re creating the best there is.


Do you believe there is a way that your work can relieve environmental strains or provide a positive and personable impact? We do too. Our programs are designed to help tackle productivity, increase your health, and strengthen skill sets. No matter if you’re a company of 1 or 1,000, we believe in providing a consistently creative environment that is engaging as it is growth-oriented.


Our features are designed around your productivity and creativity, with a variety of flexible spaces to fit your focus, while our emphasis on feedback provides a platform where we can grow with our unique community.
Enjoy playful & amenities such as our:
Bike Racks
Collaboration Lounges
Cafe with Coffee & Bites
Tech-Filled Conference Rooms
Fitness Room +Showers + Lockers
Green Courtyard + Outside Coworking


We believe that a healthy individual makes for a healthier impact. Our LEED Certified building has been designed to better the environment of our neighbors and its users, while our focus on a variety of work spaces allows for movement-focused days and the individual lifestyles that make up every business.
Smart & Renewable Energy
Extended Air Filtration
Wellness Goals & Rewards
Endless Natural Light
Walking Paths & Fitness Classes

Building Our Community